Norma Owner of Norma’s Bath & Body

June 2022 published by: Elephation Magazine

Norma owner of Norma’s Bath & Body

Norma had an Accident that had her unemployed prior to 2004. She then Pursued crafting at home and soon discovered SoapMaking. After making soap from her kitchen for herself, she then researched further and was encouraged to start selling online in 2004 by her husband to go further and do this as a Business. Norma’s Bath & Body sells to Gift shops and more all across the USA since and it’s been Successful.

Norma is still making soap almost 18 years later in June, 2022 along with an huge entire bath and body line. Norma’s Bath & Body. Norma’s Son was eight years old back in 2004 when she founded her business. “It definitely was challenging but I did it. I knew Norma’s Bath and Body was my new life so I pushed past all obstacles and became a go- getter. God has given me my desires of my heart and I’m forever grateful.” -Norma

Cupcake body soap Norma’s Bath & Body

You can find bath and body products anywhere in retail stores, but Norma knows that you’re tired of that! you want some handmade and unique and deliciously scented bath and body products. Products that are fruity, moisturizing and creamy on the skin. Norma creates Bulk/ Wholesale, and custom orders for Weddings, Birthdays, etc. Don’t play with fire. Play with Bath & Body. it’s the Body Bakery!

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