Goldie The Don“Da Real Atlanta”

Elephation Magazine had the honor of sitting with Goldie The Don at his Atlanta residence for his first exclusive interview. 

Goldie The Don

Atlanta native, Goldie The Don is well respected by his community. As his way of giving back to his community, Saturday, July 10th, 2021 Goldie Coordinated a community event titled “Techwood Day” hosted at Washington Park in Atlanta, Ga. There was food, games for the children of the community, and a lot of fun as the whole community came out to show love to Goldie and one another. Along with the massive community event going on, Goldie got the community to be a part of his video shoot for his new single “My Posse” that’s scheduled to release soon. It was a beautiful site to see as over 300 residents were in attendance. We witnessed no drama, just pure love, and support from the community.

Goldie The Don at Buckhead Theater

So who is Goldie The Don?

Growing up in public housing it was always hard on Goldie and his family. While in his adolescence Goldie was in and out of the system. Around the age of 15, Goldie knew he had to make a change, not only for him but for the young people that looked up to him. Goldie wanted to be the change for his community. Goldie was determined not to be a statistic. He began to educate himself about the logistics of the business world. Goldie feels as if he was born to be an entrepreneur.  Goldie loves what he does and enjoys helping others grow and succeed.

Golden Grane Entertainment is an independent music label that Goldie started in 2010. Golden Grane Ent. is a platform for local artist to showcase their musical talents, and also provides artist development and networking solutions for the artist that show determination.

Goldie also has a transportation service for the community. Golden Grane Transportation LLC. is a transportation service to help low-income families and individuals that need transportation but can not afford traditional transportation services such as Taxis or share riding services. Golden Grane Transportation LLC. Is self-funded and does not receive any government funding.

Goldie’s plans for 2021 are for growth. He plans to expand his transportation service and record label globally and to release his debut album “The Push Back” 

Goldie’s biggest inspiration is his grandmother. She has always encouraged him and believed in him when no one in his immediate family did. RIP grandma! After she passed Goldie stated that “I make the promise to put my best foot forward and to never fall for anything!”

In our interview with Goldie, he also wanted to give personal advice on how he deals with stress. You never know who this may help. Goldie says, “The way I coop with stress is to always work at a steady pace, that way I can minimize the stress level.” So to anyone out there, that’s feeling a bit overwhelmed, try to lighten your load by delegating some of the tasks to trusted friends or family. If you don’t have to do it alone don’t. It’s ok to reach out for help.

Goldie The Don “The Push back” now available on all streaming platforms!

Goldie The Don “The Push back” now available on all streaming platforms

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